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2012_cCC_4Now in its 24th year, the Consortium on Competitiveness and Cooperation (“CCC”) Conference for Doctoral Student Research is an annual conference dedicated to assisting doctoral students improve their dissertation research on topics related to organization and economic theory, technology management and firm strategy, entrepreneurship, and the co-evolution of industrial structure, organizational structure, and innovation.
The CCC Doctoral Conference emphasizes student mentoring by respected scholars, many of whom are consortium alums, through comments, constructive feedback, and dialogue. About 30 students each year give a succinct presentation of their dissertation followed by feedback a designated faculty expert and the entire assembled community of CCC scholars.
The Doctoral Consortium itself is preceded by the “Faculty Day,” where sessions are organized as discussions led by expert panelists on topics of interest to the community, to facilitate learning from each other.
Thus, the Conference has many opportunities for interactions between and among faculty and doctoral students.  This interactive structure of the conference encourages both faculty and student participants to cut across both disciplinary boundaries and individual research agendas.
The CCC Doctoral Conference is generously sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and is typically held in the spring of each year.  Application information can be found on this website.  Follow us on Twitter.

The 24th CCC Doctoral Conference coming up in March 2017 at the Wharton School

rahul_and_saikat_2The organizing committee for CCC, taking place on March 24-26 at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, is composed of Rahul Kapoor and Saikat Chaudhuri. The event will be hosted by the Mack Institute.


Experimental Capitalism: The Nanoeconomics of American High-Tech Industries


Steven Klepper’s long awaited book is now out. For much of the twentieth century, American corporations led the world in terms of technological progress. Why did certain industries have such great success? Experimental Capitalism examines six key industries—automobiles, pneumatic tires, television receivers, semiconductors, lasers, and penicillin—and tracks the highs and lows of American high-tech capitalism and the resulting innovation landscape. Employing “nanoeconomics”—a deep dive into the formation and functioning of companies—Steven Klepper determines how specific companies emerged to become the undisputed leaders that altered the course of their industry’s evolution.  Princeton University Press has made the first chapter of Klepper available for free download. More info at Princeton University Press.  New:  Charlie Williams and Ronnie Chatterjee discuss the book in their podcast on Soundcloud  and iTunes.

The 23nd CCC Doctoral Conference was held in June 2016 at Bocconi University, Italy

ccc_team_2016The organizing committee for CCC, taking place  on June 10-12th, was composed of Charlie Williams and Franco Malerba (Bocconi) and Rahul Kapoor (Wharton). The program is available at 2016 CCC Agenda.  New: Photos from Event    Slides and Videos from faculty Day honoring the contributions of David Teece.

The 22nd CCC Doctoral Conference was held in April 2015 at New York University

CCC 2015 TeamThe organizing committee for CCC 2015 included JP Eggers and Rob Seamans as the local hosts at NYU, and Charlie Williams (Bocconi).

The program is available at  2015 CCC Agenda Final and a list  of participants at Participant List CCC 2015.   New: Some information from the conference, including who won CCC Awards.   NYU Slide Show 2015.  Photos from the conference are here:  NYU 2015 Photos

The 21st  CCC 2014 was held at Boston University

2014_CCC_TeamThe organizing committee for CCC 2014 included Samina Karim and Fernando Suarez as the local hosts at Boston University along with Rob Seamans at NYU).

AgendaThe  program is available at 2014 CCC Agenda Final and participants at CCC Participant List 2014. The videos from the Faculty Day and reflections can be access with the links below:

Presentation Videos from Faculty Day 2014

Reflections on CCC 2014            Tweet History  from CCC 2014         2014 Photo Gallery    


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